Changes Triggering Change Notification

When you have activated change notification to inform you of changes that are made to requirements or tests an email alert is sent to you, following your logout. The email alert is sent to you if one or more of the following settings are changed:
Area Changes
  • A requirement is created or deleted.
  • The name or description of a requirement is edited.
  • A system property is edited.
  • A requirement is set as obsolete.
  • A requirement is recovered.
  • A test is assigned to or removed from a requirement.
  • A custom property of a requirement is created, edited, or deleted.
  • A container is created or edited.
  • A product is edited.
  • A source control profile is edited.
  • "Clear working folder" is edited.
  • The root node is edited.
  • The custom data directory is edited.
  • The include directory is edited.
  • The hidden test properties are edited.
  • The Silk Test Classic interface is edited.
  • A test folder is created, edited, or deleted.
  • A test is created, edited, or deleted.
  • The planned time is edited.
  • A test step is added or edited.