Reports Permissions

The following permissions are available for reports:

  Administrator Project Manager Role Assignment Manager Analyst Tester Test Manager Reporter
View reports X X X X X
Manage reports X X X X
Manage advanced reports X
Delete reports X X X X
Manage shared global reports X
Delete shared global reports X

Shared Global Report Permissions

Because shared global reports are available in all projects for all users, user roles that are able to update and delete them require special permissions: Manage shared global reports and Delete shared global reports. These permissions also apply to report templates that are used in shared global reports. Non-shared global reports and report templates can be updated and deleted by user roles with the standard report permissions for updating and deleting reports. This implies the following special scenarios:
  • The option Share this report with other users is disabled in global reports and folders if the user does not have the Manage shared global reports permission
  • When pasting a copied shared report into the Global Reports tree without the Manage shared global reports permission, the pasted report is set to non-shared