Application Server Log Page

Administration > Log Files > Application Server Log

Use this page to view logging information from the Silk Central application server service.

For each log file, the page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Actions Click the buttons and to Delete or Download log files.
Name The name of the log file.
Size The physical size of the log file.
Date Date when the log file was last physically saved.

Administration > Log Files > Application Server Log > Application server log file name .

When clicking on the name of a log file, the logging details list displays. The list includes the following items:

Item Description
Filter area Use the filter options to filter the log list information by severity, log level, and module. Click Update to refresh the list according to your filter settings.
Table area Displays the following logging information:
Severity of the event:
  • Info
  • Warning
  • Error
Log Level
Log level of the event:
  • OV = Overview
  • DT = Detailed
  • VB = Verbose
  • DB = Debug

Click Back to return to the Application Server Log page. Click Download as CSV to download the log file as a CSV file to your local computer.