Test Runs Page

Tests > Details View > <Test> > Runs

The Runs page is available on test nodes in Details View and offers a listing of test execution results for the selected test.

The data grid representation of the Runs page facilitates the filtering, sorting, and grouping of large numbers of test runs.

For each run, the page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Actions Actions that you can perform on the test run.
New Issue
Click to open the New Issue dialog box and create a new issue for the test.
Assign Existing Issues
Assign issues from an externally-configured issue-tracking system to the test.
Status Status of the execution. For tests that are part of a running execution plan, the status is updated in response to the current status of the test run. If the current run is aborted, the status is reset to the status before the run.
Status Reason The reason why a specific test run has the status Passed, Failed or Not Executed.
Run ID The ID of the test run. Click to open the Test Run Results dialog box. If the test is running, click to view details of the execution.
Run Type The Run Type column shows the test type during each run. The test type might change between two runs, for example when you convert the test from manual to automated.
Start Time Time the run started. If the test is a manual test and currently running, Silk Central adds (Running) to the date and time.
Duration Duration of the test run in h/mm/ss.
Execution Plan The name of the assigned execution plan, or Unassigned Tests if the execution was a trial run or results were uploaded. Click to open the execution plan.
Executed By The execution server from which the test was run.
Issues Found Displays the amount of issues that are assigned to the test run. When no issues are assigned to the test run, the column is empty. Click on the link to access the issue in the Issues page of Tests > Details View.
Errors Number of errors that were generated during the run.
Warnings Number of warnings that were generated during the run.
Version Version that the test was run against.
Build Build number that the test was run against.
Execution Plan Parent The configuration suite, folder, or testing cycle in the context of which the execution plan is executed. Click to access the suite or folder in the Execution Plans tree. If the execution plan is not included in a configuration suite or folder, nothing is displayed.
Run Comment For Silk Performer test runs, Silk Performer uses this column to add information to the test run when uploading results. For all other test types, you can use this column to add information to the run.

To compare two or more test runs, use Ctrl or Shift to select runs. Right click on your selection and click Compare Automated Test Results or Reports > Test Run Comparison .