System Requirements and Prerequisites

For optimal performance of Silk Central, we recommend the configuration outlined in this section.

Server System Requirements

System Area Requirement
CPU Intel Core i5 or better
Memory 8 GB minimum
Free disc space 30 GB minimum, except for the database server
Network 100 Mbit
Operating system, database management system, Web server See Tested and Supported Software.
Power Supply Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for all environments to reduce risks of power outages
For each additional instance that you add, at least 10 GB of additional disk space are required, and the following initial minimal memory:
  • Front-end server: 500 MB
  • Application server: 300 MB
  • Chart server: 200 MB
Depending on your workload, these values may need to be higher.

For more information on the optimal configuration of Silk Central contact technical support or your technical account team.

Execution Server Requirements

The actual requirements and prerequisites for execution servers depend on the application under test (AUT) and the type of testing.

For load testing, refer to the environment requirements of Silk Performer. Running load tests with the minimal configuration can result in inaccurate results.

For functional testing, refer to the environment requirements of Silk Test. We recommend a minimum of 2048 MB main memory for intensive testing, such as Web browser replay.

The Linux execution server requires the latest version of Java Runtime Environment 1.8.

Proxy Server Requirements

If you plan to use Microsoft IIS for Silk Central, install the following IIS extensions before you install Silk Central:
  • Application Request Routing (ARR)
  • URL Rewrite
You can download the latest versions of these extensions on the IIS Downloads page.


Silk Central is tested to run on the virtual infrastructure environment VMware vSphere server.

Client-Side System Requirements

System Area Requirement
Processor Intel Core i3 or better
Memory 2 GB
Web browser
  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 11 or later (no compatibility mode)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

The manual testing UI requires the latest version of Java Runtime Environment 1.8. For manual testing with Internet Explorer 11, a 32bit version of Java is required to be installed on the client.