Project Baselines

This topic describes the conceptual background of project baselines in Silk Central.

A project baseline is a snapshot of a project at a given time and can be created for any project or even another project baseline. The last run of each execution plan in the project is also included in the project baseline. The schedule options included in a project baseline are initially set to none, to prevent losing the execution status of the last runs. An example usage of a project baseline is to save a snapshot of a project immediately after a release. The Baseline Comparison report in Silk Central shows the amount of tests that are currently different in the project compared to the project baseline. For more information on the report, refer to the Silk Central Help.

For each new project baseline that includes an element of the Tests area, the History page of the element includes an entry with links to the project baseline and the corresponding element in the project baseline. If the element itself was created as part of a project baseline, the first entry in the History page includes links to the original project and the corresponding element in the original project.

When tests in the original project include calls to shared steps objects or keywords from libraries, you can define during the creation of the project baseline whether all calls are resolved or kept. The project baseline has the same visibility on the libraries as the original project. For more information on shared steps objects and keywords, refer to Libraries in the Silk Central Help.

Note: Project baselines can be created by all users that have the Manage projects permission.