Test Properties

Tests > Details View > Properties

The Properties page offers detail on all properties and relevant information for the selected test, test folder, test package, or test container. You have the option of expanding and collapsing the information in each section on this page. This enables you to customize the information you see to your specific needs. For test nodes, the following properties are configured when tests are created:

Property Description
Test Name Name of the test.
Test ID Database identifier of the test.
Description Description of the test.
Note: Silk Central supports HTML formatting and cutting and pasting of HTML content for Description fields.
For tests or test packages that are included in a configuration suite, the status is an aggregation of all statuses of all configurations within the suite:
  • If the test is assigned only to the configuration suite, the status is Passed only if it is passed in all configurations. If the status is not Passed in all configurations, the status of the worst run is propagated, with the following top-down priority:
    1. N/A
    2. Not Executed
    3. Failed
    4. Passed
    The status of a requirement that is assigned to the test is Failed if the test fails in one or more of the configurations.
  • We do not recommend assigning the test to a configuration suite and one or more simple execution plans. However, in this case, the aggregate of the configuration statuses is one status, and the last statuses of the execution plans are other statuses. The status that was executed last determines the last status of the test.
  • If the test is assigned to a simple execution plan only, the status is updated in response to the status of the last test run.
Last Execution Last time this test was executed. For tests that are part of a running execution plan, the last execution is updated based on the current test run.
Assigned Executions Lists all execution plans that the selected test is assigned to. For each execution plan in the list, the grid displays the following columns:
Name of the execution plan. Click to view or edit the execution plan.
The status of the last run of the test in the execution plan. The status is Not Executed, if the test was not executed in the last run of the execution plan. For data-driven tests or test packages, the status of all last runs is displayed in a bar graph.
Last Execution
Last time the test was executed as part of the execution plan.
Execution Plan Parent
The configuration suite, folder, or testing cycle in the context of which the execution plan is executed. Click to access the suite or folder in the Execution Plans tree. If the execution plan is not included in a configuration suite or folder, nothing is displayed.
Created On Date and time the test was created.
Created By Name of the user who created the test.
Changed On Date and time the test was last changed.
Changed By Name of the user who last changed the test.
Planned Time [hh:mm] Planned execution time of the test. Only for manual tests.
Test Properties Test properties that are specific to the test type.
Success Conditions All success conditions that have been configured for the test. For test package nodes, all success conditions except the execution time-out are disabled and hidden.
Integration Default Folder Shows the name of the default container or folder, where tests from external planning tools are created. For detailed information, see Setting a Test Node as Integration Default for External Agile Planning Tools.