Adding Groups

To add a group:

  1. In the menu, click Administration > User Management.
  2. Click the Groups tab.
  3. Click New Group.
  4. In the Group name field, type a group name for the new group.
  5. In the Description field, enter a description for the new group.
  6. Select a user with a role assignment from the respective list boxes, then click Add Selection to add the user and role combination to the new group.
    Note: Any user roles that have been defined as not accepting new user assignments are not displayed in this list. These settings are controlled through the Allow New Assignment buttons at Administration > User Management > Roles .

    For groups that were imported from an LDAP server, additional role assignments can be added to the users and role assignments can also be deleted, but at least one role assignment per user must remain. Removing users from an LDAP-imported group can only be done on the LDAP server itself.

  7. Repeat the previous step to assign all desired user and role combinations to the group.
    Tip: It may be useful to assign the role Role Assignment Manager to one or more users of the group. Role Assignment Managers have the sole permission to assign/unassign roles to/from existing users of a group, and only roles that they themselves are assigned to. They cannot add or remove members from a group, and they can only change role assignments within groups in which they themselves are defined as Role Assignment Manager.
  8. To remove a user and role combination from the current group, click Delete in the Actions column.
  9. In the Project Assignment(s) section you can assign any existing projects to this group.
  10. Click Save.