Current Run Page

Execution Planning > Details View > <Execution Plan> > Current Run

To access the Current Run page of an execution plan, select the execution plan in the Execution Plans tree and click the Current Run tab. The Current Run page displays all information related to the active test runs of the selected execution plan.

Manual Test Runs or Business Process Test Runs

The Current Run page displays the active manual test run or business process test run, until the test run is finished. For manual tests that are assigned to a testing cycle, this page is renamed to Run page. In such a case, the Run page continues to display the run, after the run is finished. The page features two grid views, Assigned Tests and Test Steps. Assigned Tests shows information about the active manual test run or business process test run, and Test Steps shows information for each of the steps in the manual test or business component. You can filter the test runs in the Assigned Tests view by selected columns. The Test Details and Step Details views show additional information.

Click Reload to refresh the Current Run page. If you have changed manual tests or business process tests, click Synchronize Current Runs. This will update all assigned tests of the current runs.

The following information can be synchronized when you click Synchronize Current Runs:
  • Changes to the test assignment of an execution plan.
  • Updates to test properties in the Tests area.
  • Updates to test step properties, both for manual tests and business process tests.
  • Updates to assigned unfinished business components in business process tests.
You can select which information to synchronize in the Synchronize Current Runs dialog.
Note: For business process tests, changes to the component assignment and to finished components are not synchronized.

If other execution plan runs are started while the Current Run has not been finished, a note displays, stating that newer runs are available. You can see information on those runs on the Activities page.

Automated Test Runs

For automated tests, the Current Run page shows the progress of the execution. Click Update to refresh the Current Run page. For automated tests that run on a mobile device, click Show Screencast to view a live stream of the activities on the device. Live streams are not available for Sauce Labs devices.