Enabling Advanced Context-Sensitive Test Reports

To enable an advanced report to be displayed in context-sensitive report lists in the Tests area:

  1. Create a report that includes a test ID, a test folder ID, or a test container ID as an input parameter.

    For additional information, see Creating New Reports and Writing Advanced Queries with SQL.

  2. To make an advanced query available in the context menu of the Tests area, insert the parameter name tdProp_Id_0 as input for the test ID or tfProp_Id as input for the test folder ID or test container ID. For example, your report's SQL statement might have defined a hard-coded database-column value, such as TestDef_ID_pk_fk = 68. To edit this report so that it receives column-name values dynamically, replace the static value of 68 with ${tdProp_Id_0 | 68}.
Note: For additional information about tables and column-name definitions, refer to the Silk Central Database Model Schema.