Downloading Report Templates

The report template of the selected report, including the layout, is downloaded. Downloading Silk Central report templates to your local system enables you to edit them. After you download and edit a report, you can upload it to make it available to other users. For more information, see Uploading Report Templates.

To download a Silk Central report template:

  1. In the menu, click Administration > Report Templates . The Report Templates page displays, listing all of the report templates that have been uploaded.
  2. Click Download Report Template in the Action column of the report you want to download. The File Download dialog box displays.
  3. Click Save and download the report file to your local system, depending on the report type that you are downloading.
  4. Now edit the report based on your needs using either BIRT Report Designer for rptdesign files, Word for docx files, or Excel for xls/xlsx files.