Specifying a Location for the Application Server

When connecting to the default Silk Central instance, you do not need to specify an application server location. Setup automatically configures the localhost to be the application server. In this case you can skip this procedure. For additional information on setup options, see the application’s installation instructions.

To specify a location for the application server:

  1. Once you have installed the Silk Central software, connect to Silk Central using a Web browser.
    Tip: The default URL is http://<computer name>:19120/login (no port information required if Silk Central runs on IIS).

    You will receive a confirmation stating that the application server connection has not yet been defined.

  2. Enter the Host or IP address and the Port of the application server. The application server is the computer where you installed Silk Central’s application server component. The default port is 19122.
  3. Click Login to proceed. If your specifications are correct and the respective computer is running with the installed software, you will be returned to the login page.
The Database Administration page displays.