Requirement Properties Page

Requirements > Details View > Properties

The Requirement Properties page displays high-level information about the selected requirement or project.

When requirements are synchronized with an external requirements management system, items are sometimes marked with an exclamation mark (!). This means that the marked field is not mapped to the external requirements management system. Use the property mapping feature to map property fields. If you don't use the property mapping feature, only the name and the description of the requirements are mapped. For more information, see Editing Property Mapping.

Item values that are marked with an asterisk (*) are values that are inherited from the parent requirement.

Click Edit Requirement Properties to edit the displayed properties.

The following table only applies to requirements that have a flag set.

Item Description
Flagged By Indicates who set the flag and when the flag was set.
Comment Indicates the comments for the flag.
Clear Flag Click to remove the flag.

The following table lists the properties of the selected requirement or project that are displayed on the Properties page.

Property Description
Requirement Name Name of the requirement.
Requirement ID Identifier of the requirement.
Description Description of the requirement.
Priority Priority that has been configured for the requirement.
Risk Risk that has been configured for the requirement.
Reviewed Current review status of the requirement. Yes or No.
Custom Properties If custom properties have been configured for the requirement, they are listed here.
Document Source document (if any) from which this requirement was derived.
Created On Date on which this requirement was created.
Created By Name of the user who created this requirement.
Changed On Date on which this requirement was last updated.
Changed By Name of the user who last updated this requirement.