Requirements Document View

Requirements > Document View

The Document View displays the status of all tests that are assigned to the active project, including the number and percentage of Passed, Failed, Not Executed, and Not Covered tests. The Document View displays this coverage status information in a “heat field” chart, with the following colors:

Color Description
Green Passed tests.
Red Failed tests.
Orange Tests that are not executed yet.
Gray Test with other status.

Requirements that are not covered by tests are listed as Not Covered.

The Document View displays all custom requirement properties as columns.

Note: Test totals accumulate to the parent level, for all currently displayed tests. If you apply a filter to the Requirements tree, the test totals are based on the filtered requirements only. For example, the requirement totals include tests from all child requirements that are selected with the filter, and the project totals include tests from all requirements that are selected with the filter.

The Document View individually saves the display settings for each user and each project.