Creating and Assigning Execution Server Keywords

To create and assign execution server keywords:

  1. In the menu, click Administration > Execution Environment.
  2. Select a location to access the list of defined execution servers for that location.
  3. In the Actions column of a predefined execution server, click Edit, or click New Physical Execution Server or New VirtualExecution Server to create keywords for a new execution server.
    Note: For physical execution servers on which Silk Test is installed, Silk Central automatically assigns keywords depending on the installed browsers and connected mobile devices. Click in the Actions column to refresh the list of assigned keywords.
  4. Click Keywords. The Assign Keywords dialog box displays.
  5. Type a new keyword into the Select or enter keywords field or select an existing keyword that describes the environment on the execution server, like the platform, operating system, or pre-installed applications. The following characters cannot be used in keywords: # $ ? * \ , ; ' "
    Note: If you are working with a new Silk Central installation you may not see any available keywords. Though not visible on the Assign Keywords dialog box, reserved keywords are created for each execution server that is configured for the system. These reserved keywords are only available when assigning keywords to execution plans.
    You can use Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select multiple keywords using standard Windows multi-select functions. Note that the Select or enter keywords field is disabled when multiple keywords are selected in the lists. If you do not require hardware provisioning, you can use the default, reserved keywords that are created for each execution server. In such cases, it is not necessary that you assign additional keywords to the execution server.
  6. Click Add (>) to move the keyword into the Assigned keywords list.
  7. Click OK to save the keywords and close the Assign Keywords dialog box.