Analyzing Server Log Files

To analyze a server log file:

  1. In the menu, click Administration > Log Files .
  2. Click the tab of the server to which the log file belongs.
    • Front-end Server Log
    • Application Server Log
    • Execution Server Log
    A list of log files is displayed in chronological order. Log file names are made up of server component name and a suffix with a timestamp. The current log files are named FrontendServer.log, AppServer.log, and ExecServer.log.
    Note: To locate an execution server log file, navigate to the respective execution server through its location.
  3. Click the name of the log file you want to view. The selected log file is displayed, along with chronologically sorted log entries.
  4. Filter options allow you to page recorded log information.
    You can filter listed data by:
    Displays events of a selected severity.
    Log level
    Displays events that match a selected log level. More detailed log information can only be displayed when the log level is set accordingly on the server. For more information about configuring a server’s log level, see Log Levels.
    Displays log information for a selected module. Log entries can only be displayed when the respective products (modules) are installed and connected to the front-end server that is being accessed.