Data Sources Configuration Page

Project:<Project Name> > Project Settings > Data Sources

The Data Sources page lists all data sources that are configured for the integration of data-driven tests into Silk Central. Click New Data Source to create a new data source. For each data source, the page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Name The name of the data source as it displays in the Silk Central GUI and in reports. Click the name to modify the data source settings.
Type Data source type:
  • CSV
  • JDBC
  • MS Excel
File Name The name of the file that is used as data source, for example datasource.xlsx.
Source Control Profile The name of the source control profile that hosts the data file.
Created On Date when the data source was created.
Created By User who created the data source.
Changed On Date when the data source was last modified.
Changed By User who last modified the data source.
Actions You can perform the following actions on a data source:
  • Delete
  • Download
  • Upload
  • Synchronize