Selecting or Uploading Report Templates

To select a report template or upload a template from your local system:

  1. In the menu, click Reports > Details View.
  2. Select the report to which you want to associate the template.
  3. Click the Report tab.
  4. To upload a template, click the Click here to upload a new report template link to open the Upload Template dialog box.
    1. Give the template a meaningful Name and Description.
    2. In the Projects list box, select the project to which you would like to make the template available or select All Projects to have the template associated with all projects.
    3. Click Browse to browse to and select the template on your local system.
    4. Click OK to upload the template.
  5. To select an existing template, click the Click here to choose a report template link to open the Select Report Template dialog box.
    1. Select a template from the list that is designed to properly render the data of the selected report.
    2. Click OK to use the template.