Java Interface

Refer to the Javadoc for full details regarding available Java classes and methods. If the link does not work, click Help > Documentation > Silk Central API Specification in the Silk Central menu to open the Javadoc.

Build environment

Add the library scc.jar to your classpath, as it contains the interfaces that must be extended. The JAR file can be found in the lib directory of the Silk Central installation directory.

You must extend two interfaces/classes:
  • com.segue.scc.published.api.issuetracking82.IssueTrackingProfile
  • com.segue.scc.published.api.issuetracking.Issue


classes interface

  • IssueTrackingProfile
  • IssueTrackingData
  • Issue
  • IssueTrackingField
  • IssueTrackingProfileException