Custom Attribute and Requirement Property Types

Silk Central supports the following types of attributes and requirement properties:


The Date type supports date values.


The List type supports single select or multi-select lists. It has the following controls:

  • New Item: Allows you to create entries in the list. Click to show the New Item dialog box. Enter the Name and Numeric Weight for the list item and click OK.
    Note: The value of the Numeric Weight field is used during filtering when the filter criteria uses any of the following operators: >, >=, <, or <=. When the filter criteria uses the = or not operators, the value from the Name field is used for comparisons.
  • Order: Use the fields in this column to sort your attributes.
  • Allow multi-select: Click this check box to allow users to select more than one values from the list.
    Note: You can update an existing single-select list to be a multi-select list. A multi-select list cannot be changed to being a single-select list though.
  • Actions: Use the icons in this row to delete or to edit each item in the list.

The Number type supports integer or decimal numeric values. It has the following fields:

  • Minimum value: represents the smallest value that you can enter into the field.
  • Maximum value: represents the largest value that you can enter into the field.
  • Decimal places: used to define how many values to the right of the decimal point are valid. Select 0 for an integer value or 1, 2, 3, or 4 for a decimal value.
Note: Custom attributes and requirement properties display their current value if an update is made to their definition (for example, changes to Minimum value or Maximum value). In order to apply the new definition, open and save the asset.

The Text type supports any alphanumeric value. It has the following fields:

  • Maximum length: represents the maximum number of characters that can be entered into the field. Enter 0 or leave this field empty for unrestricted length (for requirement properties only).