Replacing Requirement Properties

To replace the property value of one or more requirements:

  1. In the menu, click Requirements > Details View .
  2. Click Replace (Replace) in the toolbar or right-click a requirement and click Replace. The Replace dialog box appears.
  3. Select a requirement property from the Find in list. This list contains all default and custom properties.
  4. In the Find what area, define your search criteria. The UI controls of the Find what area vary, based on the selected property. For example: If you select the property Risk two lists appear, if you select the property Description a text field and two check boxes appear.
  5. In the Replace with area, enter the value that shall replace the identified data.
  6. Optional: Check the Case sensitive check box to consider uppercase and lowercase letters.
  7. Optional: Check the Match whole word only check box to include just complete standalone instances of the string.
  8. Click OK. The first requirement that meets the search criteria is highlighted in the Requirements tree.
  9. Click one of the following:
    • Replace: Replaces the property value of the highlighted requirement.
    • Replace All: Replaces the property value of all requirements that contain the defined value.
    • Find Next: Highlights the next requirement that contains the defined value.
    • Find Previous: Highlights the previous requirement that contains the defined value.
    • New Replace: Opens the Replace dialog box again, where you can set new values.
    • Close: Closes the dialog box.
    Note: If you click Replace all, all inherited properties will be overwritten. Child requirements also lose their inheritance setting in this case. Use Replace only on a parent requirement if you want the child requirements to inherit the new value.