List of Values Configuration Page

Administration > Lists of Values

Use this page to configure value lists. For each listed list of values, the page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Name The name of the value list as it displays in the GUI and in reports. Click the name of a value list to modify the name, description, and values of the value list.
Grouped By Displays if a value list is grouped by Product or Issue Types, or if it is Not Grouped.
Status The status of the value list, Active or Inactive. Click the status to toggle the between Active and Inactive. The default value list, Issue Types, cannot be deactivated, because it is a key component used in Issue Manager.
Created On Date when the value list was created.
Created By The user who created the value list.
Changed On Date when the value list was last modified.
Changed By The user who last modified the value list.
You can perform the following actions on a value list:
Deletes the value list permanently. Value lists need to be inactive before you can delete them, and deletion is not allowed if a value list is already associated with issues.

Click New List to create a new value list.