Configuring Setup and Cleanup Executions

To define a test as a setup or cleanup test:

  1. In the menu, click Execution Planning > Details View.
  2. Click the execution plan for which you want to configure a setup or cleanup test.
  3. In the Test Execution Setup section, choose between a setup or cleanup test:
    • To define a setup test, click Edit (Edit) in Setup Test. The Edit Setup Test dialog box appears.
    • To define a cleanup test, click Edit (Edit) in Cleanup Test. The Edit Cleanup Test dialog box appears.
    You cannot assign a test to the same execution plan as both a setup test and a regular or cleanup test. Assigned tests can come from any test container within your project. It is therefore possible to assign tests that have associated products and source control profiles that vary from their host execution plans.
  4. Select a test in the Tests tree.
  5. Click OK.
When failed tests are rerun, the corresponding setup/cleanup routines are also rerun. Setup/cleanup tests are not run with Trial Run test runs because such executions do not rely on execution plans.