Adding a Data Source Value to a Manual Test Step

To add a data source value to a manual test step:

  1. In the menu, click Tests > Details View .
  2. Create a new data-driven test. Select Manual as the test type and configure test steps.
    Note: To view the values included in your data source, expand the Data-driven Properties section on the Properties page of the test.
  3. Click the Steps tab.
  4. Select the test step that should reference the data source value.
  5. In the Action description field, enter a parameter that references the relevant column in your data source, using the syntax ${<column name>}. For example, if you want a test step to retrieve password parameters from a spreadsheet that has a column called Password, you would write the parameter as ${Password}. When you execute the manual test step, the parameter is replaced by an actual value in the corresponding data-driven data source.