Making Libraries Accessible to Projects

Tests > Libraries > <Library> > Visibility

On the Visibility page, you can make the selected library visible to all projects or limit its visibility to a selection of specific projects. To change the visibility of a the selected library to a project, click Edit Visibility.

The Edit Visibility dialog box displays the projects that can be assigned to the library by the current user. The dialog box includes the following items:
Item Description
All Projects Click this option button to assign all projects to the library.
Selected Projects Click this option button to assign selected projects from the list to the library.
Select All Click to assign all listed projects to the library.
Deselect All Click to unassign all listed projects from the library.
Note: Projects that are currently using the library are grayed out and you cannot unassign them from the library.

When a baseline of a project is created, which uses shared objects, the libraries that include these objects are by default visible to the new project baseline. For more information on project baselines, see the Administration topics in this Help.