Adding Multiple TestPartner Tests

To add multiple TestPartner tests, you must first follow the steps described in Creating Silk TestPartner Tests.

To add multiple TestPartner tests:

  1. On the New Test dialog box, select TestPartner Test from the Type list box.
  2. Click Next. The Test Properties - Select Test Script dialog box opens.
  3. Click Browse.

    The Choose File dialog box opens. The assets available in this dialog box are based on the Project Path defined in the associated TestPartner source control profile.

  4. In the Playback Options field, type in the name of a predefined TestPartner playback option or leave the default value of System Defaults.
    Note: The import gives the defined playback option to all imported scripts. If you need to change the playback option for any scripts, edit the test after the import.
  5. Click Next.

    The Test Properties - Select Scripts dialog box opens.

  6. In the TestPartner Scripts field, select the scripts to import by clicking Ctrl+Click.
  7. Click Finish.