Deleting Projects and Project Baselines

When you delete a project or project baseline you permanently remove all related results from the repository. You also destroy all content associated with the project or project baseline. If you want to keep results, we recommend that you set a project or project baseline to inactive rather than delete it. For information on deactivating projects and project baselines, see Activating or Deactivating Projects or Project Baselines.

To delete a project or project baseline:

  1. In the menu, click Projects > Project List . The Projects page displays, listing all existing projects and project baselines.
  2. Click Delete in the Actions column of the project or project baseline you want to remove.
    Note: The project or project baseline must be inactive.
    A confirmation dialog box displays, asking you to confirm the deletion.
  3. Click Yes to remove the project or project baseline; or click No to abort the operation. If you choose Yes, you will be returned to projects list, where the deleted project or project baseline is no longer listed.