Reusing a Test Package

The information that provides the internal structure of a test package is specific, and is no longer consistent when you copy the test package. To reuse a test package, you have to copy the test package, revert the copied package into the parent test, apply the test to your needs, and then convert the changed test to a test package.

To reuse the information in a test package:

  1. In the menu, click Tests > Details View .
  2. Right-click the test package that you want to reuse in the Tests tree and select Copy.
  3. Select the node in the Tests tree to which you want to add the copied test package.
  4. Right-click the selected node and select Paste, to add the copied package to the same level in the tree, or select Paste as Child to add the copied test package as a sub-node to the selected node.
    The information now contained in the copied test package is not consistent.
  5. Right-click the copied package and select Revert Package to Test. The package information is removed from the parent test.
  6. Edit the test to apply it to your needs. For additional information, see Editing Tests.
  7. Right-click on the edited test and select Convert to Test Package.
You now have a copy of the original test package with different properties.