Login Options

The following two enhanced login configurations are available:

Remember Login

Changing the default setting for the Remember login option on the Silk Central login page.

Normally when users work with multiple browser windows, each browser session checks out a unique license. Enabling Remember login allows individual users to work with multiple browser sessions on a single computer while checking out only a single license.

Each user may enable or disable the Remember login option as required; the administrator can however set the default setting.

Cookie Duration

Each time a user accesses Silk Central, a cookie containing encoded login information is created. These cookies are destroyed when users log out, or when sessions time out. When the Remember login option is enabled however, cookies are not destroyed when sessions time-out. Instead, they remain active for a set duration of time. This enables users to continue working with Silk Central without re-entering login information after each session time-out. By default, cookies remain active for 30 days. The duration setting can be adjusted by the administrator.