Report Properties Page

Reports > Details View > Properties

The Properties page displays the basic properties of the selected report, enabling you to edit these properties or the report templates. You can also add subreports to your reports.

The page displays the following items:

Items Description
Report Name Name of the report (customizable)
Report ID System-defined identifier of the report
Description A description of the report (customizable)
Created On Date the report was created. Default reports are created when a database is created and connected to.
Created By User who created the report. Default reports are created by the user Admin.
Changed On Date the report was last modified.
Changed By User who last modified the report.
Renderer Report template that is currently assigned to the report.
Default Tab Tab you are directed to when you select this report from one of the context-sensitive report lists.
Edit Click to open the Edit Report dialog box.
Add Subreport Click to add a subreport to the report.
Report Templates The available pre-installed report templates are:
Generate empty BIRT report template
You receive the report data as an empty generic BIRT report template. The data source is already configured.
Generate .XLS/.XLSX report template
You receive an Excel file with a sheet that contains the data. You can specify additional information in adjoining sheets, for example diagrams.
Download sample Word report template
You receive a Word docx file that you can use to create a custom Word report. The Word file contains examples of how to customize the template to add the data that you need for your report.
Download report data as .CSV file
You receive the report data as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. Depending on your local settings, you will receive ‘,’ or ‘;’ as the delimiter character. The date is also formatted based on user settings.
Download report data as .XML file
You receive the report data as XML. The advantage of this approach over CSV is that you retain all subreport data. Accessing data outside of Silk Central - You can call a specific URL that offers the report data using the following format:
&passWord=<password>&reportFilterID=<ID of the report>&type=<csv|xml>
&projectID=<ID of the project>