Creating Reports

Silk Central offers reports that quickly and easily transform data into intuitive charts and graphs. Pre-installed reports are available for the Requirements, Tests, and Issues areas.

Reports are created using either BIRT Report Designer, an open-source, Eclipse-based report tool, or Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel report templates. Silk Central is tightly integrated with BIRT Report Designer to make it easy for you to generate reports on test management data. The reporting functionality in Silk Central is highly customizable. Numerous pre-installed reports and report templates provide out-of-the-box options for a wide range of reporting needs. Simple GUI-based tools allow you to edit the pre-installed reports and create reports of your own. For users with SQL knowledge, there is virtually no limit to how data can be queried and presented in custom reports.

Tip: If a blank report is generated, the cause may be that there are not any data in the project you selected, or you may not be connected to the appropriate Silk Central database. Reports are not available offline unless your Silk Central database is accessible locally.