Test History Page

Tests > Details View > <Test Element> > History

The History page details the revision history of the selected test, test container, folder, or project. It also includes an entry for every project baseline that includes the selected element, with links to the baseline and the corresponding element in the baseline. If the selected element was created as part of a project baseline, the first entry in the History page includes links to the original project and the corresponding element in the original project. You can use the links only to access active projects or baselines. For more information on project baselines, see the Administration topics in this Help.

The History page additionally includes an entry for each version of the selected test, and allows you to create new versions, revert to a previous version, and view the changes between two selected versions.

For each change, the page displays the following columns:

Column Description
Actions Only for version entries. The actions you can perform are View Version, Revert to Version and Delete Version.
Version Only for version entries. The version of the test.
Comment A comment on the changes.
Created On Date and time of the change.
Created By User that made the change.
Note: When the page includes more elements than can be displayed at once without impacting response time, elements are displayed in increments. Use the navigation toolbar at the bottom of the page to browse through the elements.