Creating Advanced Filters

Advanced custom filters enable you to combine simple filters to create complex filters that apply multiple filter criteria simultaneously.

To create an advanced custom filter:

  1. In the menu, select the appropriate area: Requirements, Tests, or Execution Planning.
  2. Click (New Filter) in the toolbar. The New Filter dialog box appears.
  3. If necessary, click Advanced to show the whole dialog box.
  4. Click More to display a second set of filter-parameter fields with which you can define a second set of filter parameters.
  5. Select a logical operator for the application of the filtering queries. For example, with the operator and filtered elements must meet both sets of criteria and with the operator or filtered elements must meet one, but not both, of the criteria sets.
  6. To delete a filter-parameter string, click Delete.
  7. To display additional filter-parameter fields and create additional filter queries, click More. To remove excess filter-parameter sets, click Fewer.