Deleting Server Log Files

Deleting a log file permanently removes the file from the server. You will not be able to view log data from the deleted file anymore.

To delete a server log file:

  1. In the menu, click Administration > Log Files .
  2. Click the tab of the server to which the log file belongs.
    • Front-end Server Log
    • Application Server Log
    • Execution Server Log
    A list of log files is displayed in chronological order. Log file names are made up of server component name and a suffix with a timestamp. The current log files are named FrontendServer.log, AppServer.log, and ExecServer.log.
    Note: To locate an execution server log file, navigate to the respective execution server through its location.
  3. In the Actions column of the log file you want to delete, click Delete. A confirmation dialog box displays.
  4. Click No to avoid deleting the log file; or click Yes to remove the log file from the list. If you choose Yes, the list of log files redisplays, with the deleted log file no longer listed.