Chart Servers Page

To access this page, log in to Silk Central as System Administrator and click Infrastructure > Chart Servers. For more information see System Administrator.

Use this page to manage the connections to your chart servers. Click New Chart Server to configure a new chart server connection. Configure Web Service URL allows you to configure an alternate URL with which your chart servers connect to the front-end server. The grid on the page contains the following columns:

Column Description
Actions Click the buttons and to Delete or Edit chart server connections. You must deactivate a connection before you can delete it.
Chart Server URL Shows the URL of the chart server. Syntax: http://<computer name or IP address>:<port>/ChartServer. The default port is 19126. Click to Edit the URL.
Status Shows if the connection to the chart server is active or inactive. Click (Edit) to change the status of a connection.
Created On Date when the chart server connection was created.
Created By The user who created the chart server connection.
Changed On Date when the chart server connection was modified.
Changed By The user who modified the chart server connection.