Replacing Test Properties

The Replace command enables you to replace identified property values with new values. Replace is enabled across all Silk Central plug-ins and functional categories.

Note: Data-driven test property values cannot be replaced using the Replace command.
Note: When the Tests tree is constrained by a filter, Replace is only executed against those tests that are presented in the Tests tree after filtering.

To replace an identified test property value:

  1. In the menu, click Tests > Details View .
  2. Click Replace on the toolbar. The Replace dialog box opens.
  3. From the Category list box, select the functional category or Silk Central plug-in across which you want to search.
    Tip: When you define a custom plug-in property, it is automatically added to the list.
  4. From the Find in list box, select the property within which the query should search for the value. The properties available in this list vary based on the selected category.
  5. In the Find what field, type the alphanumeric string the query should search for.

    Optional settings are available for qualifying the query further. Check the check boxes of those that are appropriate:

  6. In the Replace with field, type the alphanumeric string with which you want to replace the found values.
  7. Click Find to begin the search and advance to the first test container, test folder, or test returned by the query. Or click Replace all to replace all instances of the queried string with the replacement string.
  8. If your query returns multiple test elements, you are presented with options to advance through the elements.
    Note: The Replace command does not allow you to search test elements where the search string is an inherited value.