WSH Test Properties

Property Description
Script You can define any file where a script engine is registered for the script language the file contains. Script files under source control are deployed automatically to execution servers, comparable to test sources for other test types.
Switches You can enter and pass the following settings to cscript.exe during the execution of the test:
Batch mode suppresses all non-command-line console UI requests from the script. We recommended that you use this option to prevent a script from waiting for user input during unattended executions at the execution server.
We recommend to that you use unicode for redirected I/O from the console.
Time-out, in seconds. The maximum time the script can run, by default = no limit. This option is used to prevent excessive execution of scripts. It sets a timer. When execution time exceeds the specified value, Cscript interrupts the script engine using the IActiveScript::InterruptThread method and terminates the process. There is a callback hook. If the time-out is invoked, the OnTimeOut function is called to permit cleanup. Although it is possible to create infinite loops using this feature, it is more useful than harmful.
Displays an execution banner at execution time that is visible at the beginning of the log.txt log file. This is the default setting.
Prevents display of the execution banner at execution time.
Enables active debugging.
Use the engine to execute a script.
Execute a WSF job.
Execute the script in debugger.