Group Settings Page

Administration > User Management > Groups > New/Edit Group

Use the Group Settings page to configure user groups. Group settings are closely related to user account settings. The page displays the following items:

Item Description
Group name Specifies the name of the group as it should display in the GUI. You can define any name for the group.
Description A description of the group. You can enter any text for the description.
Account and Role Assignment(s) Lists all existing user/role assignments of the group. You can also delete user and role assignments by clicking Delete next to the assignment you want to remove.
User This list box lists the user accounts that have been defined by an administrator. Select a user to be assigned to the group.
Role Definition

The list is populated with the predefined system roles and the custom user roles.

Select the user role with which the user is to be assigned to the group.

Add Selection Click to create a new user account and user role assignment with the selected user and user role.
Project Assignment(s) Lists all existing projects and whether they are assigned to the group account. Check the check box next to a project to assign the project to the group account. If no projects exist, you may assign them later after you have created them.
Select All Checks the check boxes of all listed projects.
Deselect All Un-checks the check boxes of all listed projects.