Integrating VersionOne in Silk Central

To integrate tests from VersionOne into Silk Central:
  1. Add a new Silk Central project and apply the Agile project template to the project. For information on how to add a project based on the Agile template to Silk Central, see Adding Projects.
  2. Open the file Explorer.
  3. Navigate to the VersionOne configuration XML file, VersionOneConfig.xml. The default path for the file is C:\Program Files (x86)\Silk\Silk Central 20.0\instance_<instance number>_<instance name>\wwwrootAS\VersionOneIntegration.
  4. Open the VersionOne configuration XML file with an editor.
  5. Configure the VersionOne configuration XML file with the appropriate settings. For detailed information on the settings in the VersionOne configuration XML file, refer to the comments in VersionOneConfig.xml.
  6. Save and close the configuration file.
    Note: You do not need to restart the application server after you edit the configuration file because the file is automatically updated.
  7. In Silk Central, navigate to the Tests area. The empty test container is displayed as incomplete, because you have to select a product.
  8. Click on the container, select the Properties tab, and click on the product link to browse for the product.

VersionOne is now integrated with Silk Central. New test tasks in VersionOne, for which you have defined the appropriate user, are inserted as manual tests into the default integration folder in the defined Silk Central project. The test status is now exchanged between Silk Central and VersionOne.

Refer to the ASLogback.log log file for information about changes to the VersionOne integration. The default path for the log file is C:\ProgramData\SilkCentral\instance_<instance number>_<instance name>\log\.

Note: To integrate VersionOne with a Japanese Silk Central, change the start options of the Application Server service in the registry to -Dfile.encoding=utf-8.