Updating Report Sources

Updating an existing Silk Central report template allows you to move a report you have customized with BIRT Report Designer, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel into Silk Central and make it available to other users.

Report templates that ship with Silk Central are automatically patched when you upgrade to a new version. It is therefore important that you save your customized report templates in a dedicated custom folder, or that you upload customized report templates as new templates. For more information, see Uploading Report Templates.

To update a report template with a modified template file:

  1. In the menu, click Administration > Report Templates . The Report Templates page displays, listing all of the report templates that have been uploaded.
  2. Click Update in the Action column of the report you want to update.
  3. Click Browse on the Update Report Template dialog box to browse to and select the template file that is to overwrite the existing template file. The file you select must have the rptdesign, docx, xlsx, or xls file extension.
  4. Click OK to upload the file, and thereby overwrite the file that the report template was previously based on.