Configuring Project Settings

To customize the project settings:

  1. In the menu, click Project:<Project Name> > Project Settings .
  2. Click the Project Settings tab to view the current settings. The Project Settings page opens.
  3. Click Edit to modify the current project settings.
  4. The Edit Project Settings dialog box displays. You can specify the following information:
    Build Information File Name
    Build information files contain project information, including build number, build log location, error log location, and build location. Enter the name of your project’s build information file in this field. All test executions will read the build information from this specified file.
    Project Release Date
    Specify the planned release date for your project.
    File Extensions to ignore in Results
    Specify result file types or other file types that should not be saved as results for test executions.
    Note: File extensions must be separated by commas, for example, xlg, *_, res. Changes made in the Build Information File Name and File Extensions to ignore in Results fields will not effect scheduled tests. To redistribute tasks to execution servers, you must reschedule the tests, or disconnect from and reconnect to the database.
  5. Click OK to save your project settings.