Test Contents Page

Tests > Details View > Contents

The Contents page displays the child elements of the selected project, test container, or folder in the Tests tree. The page supports Standard Windows Explorer style multi-select functionality.

Tip: To drill down into the selected folder or container, press Enter or double-click the selected item. Press Backspace or click Up on the toolbar to navigate one level up.
Note: You cannot copy or paste a test container.
Tip: As with test elements listed in the Tests tree, you can right-click the elements listed on the Contents page to access context-relevant commands through a context menu. Commands that are not available are grayed out. Before you can paste a test element into the Contents page you must explicitly select an element within the page to gain the application's focus.
Note: When the page includes more elements than can be displayed at once without impacting response time, elements are displayed in increments. Use the navigation toolbar at the bottom of the page to browse through the elements.

The Contents page supports the following keyboard functions (shortcuts) for test elements:

Keys Action
Up Move selection up
Down Move selection down
Right Deselect
Left Deselect
F2 Edit element
Ctrl+A Select all
Ctrl+C Copy element
Ctrl+X Cut element
Ctrl+V Paste element
Del Delete element
Ctrl+Up Move element up
Ctrl+Down Move element down
Click Select an element and remember it as the current element.
Ctrl+Click Toggle the selection status of the clicked element and add/remove additional elements with further clicks.
Shift+Click Select the span from the currently-selected element to a newly selected element.
Shift+Up Extend selection up
Shift+Down Extend selection down
Pos1 Select first item
Shift+Pos1 Select up to first item
End Select last item
Shift+End Select down to last item