Average Page-Time Trend Report

Shows the page times per page for all tests executed for the specified test within the specified time range. The performance trend of the page times for the tested pages is shown in a graph.

Input Parameters

The input parameters for an Average Page-Time Trend report are:
Date From (DD-MON-YYYY)
Starting date for the time range. For example 06-DEC-2008.
End date for the time range. For example 16-JAN-2009.
Exclude Runs with more than <nnn> Errors
Runs that generate more errors than specified here are not included in the report. Use this setting to avoid that outliers skew the trend curve.
Maximum Value for y-Axis
Limits the y-axis of the graph to the specified value. Transaction busy-times that exceed this value are cut off at the top. This setting is useful to prevent the flattening of lines caused by outliers.
Measure Filter
Shown measures are limited to those including the specified string in their name. This field has to be filled out. To display all available measures, set the measure filter to %. For example, to show only measures that include the word "unit" at any position in their names, set the measure filter to %unit%.
Test ID
Identifier of the test for which you want to view the report.