Silk Meter components

Silk Meter enables you to meter and control the usage of applications through the following components:
  • Usage Control Server: A process that grants access and meters activity based on details that are provided by the application license policy and the state of the system. The Usage Control Server can be customized by producers and is called ls_producername. The Usage Control Server for the Micro Focus producer is embedded in the Usage Control Manager.
  • Usage Control Manager: A server process that manages and distributes multiple usage control servers for different producers. It contains the Usage Control Server for the Micro Focus producer and controls the policies and metering data. It is called smSystem.exe.
  • Policy Administrator: A tool that presents an overview of all usage control servers, installed policies, currently connected users, metering data, and statistics. The Policy Administrator enables you to create, edit, or remove user grants, to check-in or check-out mobile licenses, and to add or remove policies.