Silk4NET is the Silk Test plug-in for Microsoft Visual Studio. Silk4NET enables you to efficiently create and manage functional, regression, and localization tests directly in Visual Studio. With Silk4NET, you can perform the following tasks within Visual studio:
  • Record tests.
  • Develop tests using Visual Basic .NET.
  • Develop tests using C#.
  • Run tests as a part of a test plan in the Microsoft test environment.
  • Run tests as a part of your build process.
  • View test results.

For information on the tested versions of Visual Studio, refer to the Release Notes.

Silk4NET supports the testing of a broad set of application technologies.

For information about new features, supported platforms, and tested versions, refer to the Release Notes.

Designed for realizing automation benefits even when applied to complex tests, Silk4NET brings true test automation capability directly to the developer’s preferred environment and lets you easily cope with changes made in the test application. Additionally, the powerful testing framework of Silk4NET enables high reusability of tests across multiple test projects, which further increases the achievable Return On Investment (ROI). With less time spent on building and maintaining testing suites, your QA staff can expand test coverage and optimize application quality.

Note: If you have opted not to display the start screen when you start Silk4NET, you can check for available updates by clicking Help > Check for Product Update.