Using Devices from Mobile Center

Mobile Center is a mobility gateway that enables you to manage the testing of your mobile devices.

To access the devices that are managed through the Mobile Center from Silk Test Classic, perform the following actions:

  1. Integrate Silk Test Classic with Silk Central. For additional information, see Integrating Silk Test Classic with Silk Central.
  2. Configure Silk Central to use Mobile Center.
    Note: While installing Mobile Center, ensure that the appropriate Android SDK version is used. Ensure that the same version is used in Silk Test Classic by setting the environment variable SILK_ANDROID_HOME, for example to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk. For additional information, refer to the Silk Central Help.
  3. To test on iOS, ensure that the following IPA files are signed:
    • HP4M-Agent.ipa
    • HPMC-AgentLauncher.ipa
    • WebDriverAgentRunner-Runner.ipa
    Note: Silk Test Classic does not support testing iOS simulators through Mobile Center.
In the Select Applications dialog, you can now select the Mobile Center device on which you want to test.
Note: You cannot test a mobile device with both Silk Test Classic and Mobile Center at the same time. Restart a mobile device that you have tested with Silk Test Classic, if you want to continue testing the device from Mobile Center.
Note: When testing on a device that is managed through the Mobile Center, Silk Test Classic does not support using the methods TypeKeys or SetText to type key codes like ENTER. Additionally, Silk Test Classic does not support pressing the Home button on iOS devices.
Note: When testing on an Android Emulator, disable the GPU HW Acceleration.