Usability Enhancements

This section lists usability enhancements that have been made in Silk Test 19.5.

Text recognition for WebDriver-based browsers

Silk Test Classic now supports text recognition for WebDriver-based browsers.

Text recognition includes the following methods:
  • TextCapture
  • TextClick
  • TextExists
  • TextRectangle

Dynamically invoking methods when testing native mobile apps

To call Appium WebDriver methods that are not exposed through the API of your Silk Test client, Silk Test now enables dynamically invoking methods on mobile devices.

Enhanced image recognition support in Silk Test Classic

Silk Test Classic now enables you to better interact with applications that contain highly customized controls, which cannot be identified using object recognition or text recognition. You can now use the ImageExistsFile method of the AnyWin class to verify that an image in a specific file exists and looks as expected in the application under test, and you can use the ImageClickFile method of the same class to click on an image, which is saved in a file, in the application under test.