GetContents Function (ListViewEx)




Returns the contents of a listview control. Each returned item is delimited by a semicolon.


This functionality is supported only if you are using the Open Agent.


lsContents = listview.GetContents ([iColumn, bRawMode])
Variable Description
lsContents The listview contents. LIST OF STRING.
iColumn Optional: In Details view, you can specify this argument to get only the contents of a specific column. INTEGER.
bRawMode Optional: Prevents spaces from being trimmed from items. BOOLEAN.


If you set iColumn to NULL the parameter value is ignored. To return all contents, regardless of a specific column, call GetContents(NULL, TRUE).

If you set bRawMode to FALSE, accelerator characters are trimmed. For example, AB&CD will result in ABCD, as the ampersand character (&) is treated as an accelerator. To return complete text, set bRawMode to TRUE. In the previous example, AB&CD is returned as AB&CD.


Verify(TestApplication.ListViewDialog.GetContents(NULL, TRUE),lsExpectedContents)