Loading at Run-Time

  1. Copy the content of the Silk\Silk Test\ng\AutomationSDK\Flex\<version>\FlexAutomationLauncher directory into the directory of the Flex application that you are testing.
  2. Open FlexAutomationLauncher.html in Windows Explorer and add the following parameter as a suffix to the file path:

    where YourApplication.swf is the name of the SWF file for your Flex application.

  3. Add file:/// as a prefix to the file path. For example, if your file URL includes a parameter, such as: ?automationurl=explorer.swf, type: .
    file:///C:/Program%20Files/Silk/Silk Test/ng/sampleapplications/Flex/3.2/FlexControlExplorer32/FlexAutomationLauncher.html?automationurl=explorer.swf