How Silk Test Classic Assigns an Agent to a Window Declaration

When you record a test with the Open Agent set as the default agent, Silk Test Classic includes a locator to identify the top-most window of the test application. For instance, this window declaration for a Notepad application that uses the Open Agent includes the following locator:
window MainWin UntitledNotepad
locator "/MainWin[@caption='Untitled - Notepad']" 

Silk Test Classic determines which agent to use by detecting whether a locator or Find or FindAll command is used. When Silk Test Classic detects a locator on the top-most window or detects a Find or FindAll command, the Open Agent is automatically used. If no locator or Find or FindAll command is present, Silk Test Classic uses the Classic Agent.

Note: Any window declaration is only valid for either the Open Agent or the Classic Agent. There is no way to use the same window declaration with both agents. The only exception to this rule are SYS functions and DLL calls, which are implemented for both agents.